First things first, I am very excited to announce that the first Hubble release will be available in a few short weeks courtesy of the fine folks over at NNA Tapes! "Hubble Linger" is a 60-minute reflection on hope, loss and reconciliation and I am proud to offer it as my first physical work. I'll have the artwork up soon.

West Coasters! March 4th is the date and The Berkeley Art Museum is the location for my first ever quadraphonic Hubble performance, "Hubble Superposition". Usually I perform in stereo, with two separate signals coming out of two separate amplifiers, but the rig I've designed for "Hubble Superposition" will allow my guitar to be split into four separate signals which will then be routed through four separate amplifiers, true quadraphony! How does it work, you ask? Here's a little diagram that should explain everything: