the new Hubble LP, Hubble Eagle, comes out today!! hear it here and get your own real life copy over at, it's also available digital style at itunes, amazon, emusic, boomkat, and midheaven

I'm stoked to let everyone know that the second Hubble LP, Hubble Eagle, is coming out this October 29th, 2013, on NNA Tapes, they are sweet sweet men and i'm stoked to work with them again. The image up above is the album cover. It's a painting by an artist named Michelle Grabner. She is amazing.

You can now pre-order the album direct from NNA


You can hear a brand new song off the record right here:

it HAS been a while, sorry everybody, but as you can see to the right, THERE ARE GOING TO BE SOME HUBBLE SHOWS THIS YEAR!

possibly even some touring this summer!

and and and aaaaaaaaaaaaaand

there may even be a new LP in the works.

aaaaaalso, i recorded a guitar solo for an amazing band called TEEN, you can hear it right here:

stay tuned people, big things a'comin, we'll be in touch!

i'm so sorry to see Zebulon go, definitely was my favorite bar. i'm playing their closing night party this Sunday Dec 9th, come have one last drink at the best spot ever!

also, come see the Men play the following Friday, December 14th at St. Vitus, it's a benefit for people who were messed up by the hurricane, and we've got a bunch of new songs you haven't heard before.

i'm playing later in the month, too..

happy winter all

Home from tour for a while, looking forward to a new york autumn. Time to start writing the next record, here's some work i've done so far

HUBBLE PLAY PROTOTYPE by hubbletrouble

I've started working with this new guy down here


did the above session at Newtown Radio a few months ago, mucho thanks to everybody there!

and hey while we're talkin video, check out this panoramic ZS video and this video of the Men playing with outrageously large amps

Hubble in an Austin parking lot from thx Sean!!

This past weekend was prettttay awesome. Many thanks to everyone in Chicago and at Oberlin (and back at home!) for all your help making these shows and radio sets happen. I didn't realize going in, but I just did a church tour! Almost every show was in a church, and I got to run up and down the aisles all day and play with some gigantic pipe organs. Really excited to do Hubble Superposition in Austin this coming weekend!!

Oh and hey Brooklynites, come out to Littlefield this Friday, 4/20 (yaaay). I'll be on stage with a large group of friends, sharing ideas and compositions for the Permanent Festival. It won't be Hubble but I will have a new minimal psychedelic piece to see through. Find more info (including a slightly out of date bio of yours truly) right here. Coooo-oooooo-oooooooooooooo-ool!

(photo by Teresa Eggers)